Screen Shot 2012-04-20 at 11.26.15 AMBliz Active is sports eyewear for people with an active lifestyle. Models Proflip, Pursuit XT, Pace, Velo and many other products have become highly regarded among recreational users and Olympic medallists.

The Bliz Active brand is continuing its rapid expansion and taking market shares in Sweden, Scandinavia and Worldwide.

Since its inception, Bliz Active has been actively involved with the various National Ski Associations, and has sponsored several members of the Canadian, Norwegian, Swiss and Swedish National cross-country skiing teams.


HaltiHalti is a Finnish outdoor clothing company with a great history as a leading clothing and equipment supplier since 1976. Today Halti is a fast growing International company that designs and markets clothing collections including accessories, footwear and selected outdoor equipments for all seasons. The key product areas are winter sports (alpine skiing, cross-country skiing) and outdoor sports.

The brand has received a wealth of International visibility and credibility due to being the chosen clothing partner for the most highly regarded Winter Sports events.

Halti products have been the tested in extreme conditions by tough outdoor professionals. Halti is sponsor and supplies equipment to some of the top names in Winter Sports. Products are continuously fine tuned and improved according to feedback from these athletes and sports professionals.


Screen Shot 2012-04-20 at 11.07.28 AMGipron is a family-owned Italian company currently run by the fourth generation of the family.

Specializing in the design and manufacturing of the ski poles specifically formulated for various sport disciplines. In addition company has successfully developed a line of orthopaedic products.

Gipron has always remained faithful to the values intrinsic to "Made in Italy". Consequently, it has always made every effort and invested important resources in research and development, constantly aiming for quality. Gipron now possesses a know-how dating back many decades, and is the owner of patents that make its products extremely competitive on the International markets.


Screen Shot 2012-04-20 at 11.10.18 AMParentini has been designing expertly crafted cycling apparel for over 35 years. Their commitment to quality garments is seen in their attention to detail and the superior fit for the most discerning cyclist.

Parentini is chosen brand by world renowned athletes and riders. "Made in Italy" Parentini label simply stands for cycling apparel at its best.

From its first success, the company still continues to grow every season, improving on its technical aspects and its image in the cycling world.

Parentini philosophy is to join fashion aspects with the cycling. The quality of Parentini garments reflects the enthusiasm and passion that contributes to company's success.

It is not a surprise that top teams like the Danish National Team, and top riders like Thor Hushovd, Giuseppe Saronni choose the Parentini brand over anything else.


urlDr. Zipe products are new and revolutionary, and building on 15 years of know-how.

Dr. Zipe was first introduced on the slopes all around the Nordic region.

The result is? One of the fastest selling brands in the Swedish sports industry. In 2008, Dr. Zipe received the title "Swedish Brand of the Year 2007", winning over brands like Crocs and Peak Performance.

Dr. Zipe is aggressive, innovative and very different from other brands.

The goggles would be created using the best mix imaginable of high quality, comfort and function aided by the groundbreaking design.

Dr. Zipe has appeal to wide variety of consumers. A pro or amateur, but in the end it's all about the sport, the slopes, the gear. Dr. Zipe it is fresh and appealing. Welcome to the wonderful world of Dr. Zipe. Come for the excitement, stay for the utter madness.